Our mission is to share the gift of dance with children and adults alike.

The Sharon Alback Dance Centre is located in the Redcliffe Cultural Centre.

Our aim is to foster confident, resilient, compassionate and community connected young people along with the gift of Dance.

All our teachers have studied under Sharon Alback and hold their CSTD qualifications in Dance teaching. W are also a registered and preferred Ready Set Dance Studio and Acrobatic Arts Studio with 3 qualified Acrobatic coaches on staff.

Free 7 day All Class Pass
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To attend any classes for 1 week.

Offered to all new enrollments

Classes offers include:
Jazz, tap, classical ballet, musical theatre, acrobatics, hip hop and contemporary dance.

Recreational classes for those who love to dance for fun, competition groups and performance teams, for those who want to share their gift with an appreciative community audience.

Exam classes for those who like to have something to strive for. Exams are great for building confidence and can contribute to senior certificate points.

Our new Ready Set Dance Program for kindy aged children will be a great starting point for our youngest stars.

Acrobatic Classes are great for building strength and flexibility which benefits all other dance styles and gives students resilience and confidence plus a sense of pride when  they can achieve their goals.